What's the default `dstPrefix` for `io.l5d.header.path`?

Looking at the documentation, it says that the default dstPrefix for io.l5d.header.path is /svc. But the example hints that /h2 is the default:

With this configuration, a request to :5000/true/love/waits.php?thing=1 will be mapped to /h2/true/love and will be routed based on this name by the corresponding Dtab.

The dstPrefix is not explicitly set in this example config:

- protocol: h2
  experimental: true
    kind: io.l5d.header.path
    segments: 2
  - port: 5000

Didn’t find a hint in the code either.

Ah, thanks for reporting this discrepancy! The default prefix is /svc and that example is out of date.


Thanks for the fast reply and doc change :+1: