Unable To View Success Rate & RPS

We deployed linkerd into our k8s cluster and successfully got default namespace meshed BUT I do not see details like “Success Rate”, “RPS” on default namespace. However, these details shows very clear on linkerd namespace.

We tried to deploy your emojivoto example as in Getting Started | Linkerd and got same results

You can see below screenshot for details.

Hi, @steventranjs! It may take a minute for the metrics to show up in the dashboard.

You can also use the linkerd stat command to view the metrics on the command line. The main takeaway is that the metrics displayed in both the dashboard and CLI come from the prometheus metrics, so be sure that the prometheus instance is healthy.

@ cpretzer I reported in linkered2 slack channel. Seem this is a new bug. They are investigating it

Thanks @steventranjs I saw the github issue that you opened as well.

You can try using the linkerd stat, linkerd top, and linkerd metrics commands on the workloads in the default namespace to get more detail about the traffic in that namespace.