Unable to start Pods in Linkerd enabled NS


Could you please guide me why would linkerd proxy prevent my pods to start?

We’re running about 20 different Pods for a Microservice application. After enabling Linkerd for a specific namespace, about 6 Pods are unable to start. Those are connecting to external DB. All Pods are running after disabling Linkerd within same namespace.

Is there a documentation describing what exactly happens in proxy container while traffic’s leaving the Pod?

Thank you

@Karol I bet the pods aren’t starting because the service can’t connect to the external database. From a Linkerd perspective, this can happen specifically for databases which use an unexpected or non-standard protocol.

Have a look at the Linkerd protocol detection docs. Since the database is external, you will probably have to add the database port to the config.linkerd.io/skip-outbound-ports annotation for the effected pods

Thank you Charles, with skip-outbound-ports annotation in place all Pods are running.

That’s great news @Karol, glad to hear that it worked!