Trouble accessing admin console

I’m very new to linkerd just downloaded it and for some reason on a local docker running with ports 8080 and 9990 exposed and mapped on the command line I can’t seem to get at the admin console. I do get logs that suggest the admin console is ready to receive requests on startup.

The docker command I’m running is:

‘docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 9990:9990 --name linkerd linkerd:1.3.0 /config.yaml’

Please note that I have extended the docker file to include an ADD command that copies the config.yaml into the root.

The logs tell me serving admin on /

But I can’t seem to get to the admin console via the browser. I’m still reading the docs and trying other things in the meantime and if it turns out I have more information or figure things out I will close the loop.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ryan, have you tried setting your admin ip to

So I read about the vs here ( and I need to read a bit more about that. did seem to work.

Now I need to push some traffic through.

Thank you.

Glad it’s working now!

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