Struggling with Kubernetes example



I’ve deployed the DaemonSet configuration from here:

The DaemonSet is running, along with the service and configuration. If I port-forward to the admin port for one of the daemonset pods and use the dtab checker I can’t seem to resolve a service I already have running

I have a service in the cloud namespace called kibana. The service looks like this:

  clusterIP: None
  - name: http
    port: 80
    protocol: TCP
    targetPort: 4180
    app: kibana

When I enter /svc/ in the router for “http-outgoing” it productes the following:

It seems like its not quite succeeding in resolving the Kubernetes resources but I’m not sure what’s stopping it.


I’d not noticed the default config applied some namespace transformations- I deployed the linkerd service into a different namespace so it wouldn’t match.

I’ve changed the config and it now works. Sorry for the confusion!


I’d love to see what config changes you needed to make if you can share