Problem with multiple file uploads

Hi There,

We are using linkerd in our application, this is cloud-based storage application wherein linkerd is used as side-car deployment model.

We are facing issue while uploading multiple files, the scenario is:-

Linkerd is getting crashed with out of memory when we are uploading files of 5M with concurrency of 400. We have 4G(Same Xms/Xmx) of JVM assigned to linkerd.

Could you please help us to know if there are additional parameters needed in linkerd configuration for file upload.


Hi @rohitrsh,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you provide a stack trace of the crash?
Another couple questions come to mind:

  • Are the uploads chunk encoded?
  • Have you tried giving Linkerd more memory, such as 8G or 16G, and if so, does the problem go away then?
    Streaming smaller chunks can help Linkerd’s memory profile. If streaming is possible, that could potentially help, since then Linkerd does not need to buffer the entire set.

Thank you,

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