Open Source and Enterprise Edition Feature Differences


Would it be possible to get a metrics table detailing about the feature comparison between the Commercial Edition(Open Source) and Enterprise Edition ?


Hi! There is no Enterprise Edition of Linkerd. Buoyant sells commercial support for Linkerd, but the open source product is the full product.


Thanks William for the reply and what Is the open source version available? Can I get the details on the open source version


All code and issues are tracked here:

Getting started guides, including quick installation, is here:


Hi William,

Few more clarifications:-

Does Linkerd support the below features?

Ensure uniform response times
Scaling under load ?
Adding new hosts dynamically
Removing hosts from cluster


Linkerd supports, or integrates with systems, that support the features you mentioned.

Here are a couple links that will give you more background on what Linkerd can provide:


Thanks for the reply. I have gone through the link provided but nowhere it is clearly mentioning about host scalablity (adding/deleting nodes in the cluster without any impact) and ensure uniform response time.


Yes i referred the link “” but it doesn’t say anything clearly about host scalablity (adding/deleting nodes in the cluster without any impact) ?


Hi! Linkerd’s routing capabilities should make this possible. You might find these articles on traffic shifting and circuit breaking helpful:

More about Linkerd’s various features can be found here: