On K8s, Pods not created


Is it possible to have one linkerd by namespace ?
We are doing different POC with Linkerd. We need to have more than one service mesh.
I take this example:

I am installing a second one in a different namespace and the pod is not created…
No pod with an error ???

If someone have a clue…


Hi @francis.roy67, you should be able to have one linkerd instance per namespace. How are you installing linkerd in the different namespace you mentioned? Is it through a different config yaml? Or are you using the same servicemesh.yml to install the new linkerd instance?

It depends on exactly how you want Linkerd installed. Typically, (as in the config you linked) Linkerd will be installed as a daemonset which means it will run one instance on every node in your cluster. Nodes don’t belong to namespaces and application pods can use their node-local Linkerd regardless of which namespace the application pod is in.

If you would like different namespaces to use different Linkerd instances, you can install multiple Linkerd daemonsets, each listening on a distinct port. For example, you might have namespace-a use :4140 and namespace-b use :5140 to talk to their local Linkerds respectively.