No hosts available error with multi-router and multi-namespace configuration

Load Test on Linked with multi-router and multinamespace setup is giving inconsistent results with error % ranging from 0 to 5%

Load test setup:

jmeter v3.2

throughput 500 req/sec
timeout 60 sec
error: 5%
samples: 7483


Linkerd version 1.3.1
kubernetes: on aws v1.7
Jmeter 3.2

For default namespace,

4140 -> outgoing
4141 -> incoming

For namespace ns1
4143 -> outgoing-ns1
4144 -> incoming-ns1

For namespace ns2
4145 -> outgoing-ns2
4146 -> incoming-ns2

For linkerd namespace,

4150 -> outgoing
4151 -> incoming

For namespace ns1
4153 -> outgoing-ns1
4154 -> incoming-ns1

For namespace ns2
4155 -> outgoing-ns2
4156 -> incoming-ns2

For linkerd1 namespace,

4160 -> outgoing
4161 -> incoming

For namespace ns1
4163 -> outgoing-ns1
4164 -> incoming-ns1

For namespace ns2
4165 -> outgoing-ns2
4166 -> incoming-ns2

Tested against service named service1 deployed in namespaces “default”, “linkerd”, “linkerd1”, “ns1” & “ns2”

No hosts are available for /svc/service1, Dtab.base=[/k8s=>/#/io.l5d.k8s;/portNsSvc=>/#/portNsSvcToK8s;/host=>/portNsSvc/http/default;/host=>/portNsSvc/http;/svc=>/$/io.buoyant.http.domainToPathPfx/host], Dtab.local=[]. Remote Info: Not Available


in namespace “linkerd”,
linkerd1.yml (5.1 KB)
configmap1.yml (1.7 KB)

in namespace “linkerd1”,
linkerd.yml (5.1 KB)
configmap.yml (1.7 KB)

service1.yml (153 Bytes)
helloworld01.yml (495 Bytes)

Hi, @zshaik thanks for the report!

Would it be possible for you to share a minimal self-contained Kubernetes configuration that triggers the issue you are running into so we can try to reproduce it in our lab? Also, which environment are you running it on (e.g. Google cloud, EC2, Minikube, etc.) and how are you running your load tests, are you using any tool in particular?

It is also always good if you can let us know what versions of Kubernetes and Linkerd you are using in this test.


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@pcalcado updated with recent data, thanks.