Namerd timeouts when fetching DNS query to Consul cluster

We are running Namerd & Consul cluster in our enviornment ,getting below error frquently and after rebooting Namerd services to matigate this issue.

Namerd-01 namerd: E 0114 06:30:29.851 UTC THREAD31: Retrying Consul request ‘GET /v1/health/service/xxxx?dc=x&passing=true’ on NonFatal error: com.twitter.finagle.ChannelWriteException: com.twitter.finagle.ChannelClosedException: null at remote address: Remote Info: Not Available from service: client. Remote Info: Upstream Address: Not Available, Upstream id: Not Available, Downstream Address: consul.x.x.x.internal/x.x.x.x:8500, Downstream label: client, Trace Id: 6d298c434b2d50b7.6d298c434b2d50b7<:6d298c434b2d50b7