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Reading from, is jvm:mem:current:used metric (prometheus) the definitive metric to monitor for linkerd's memory usage? Or, are there other metrics which collectively can tell us how much memory linkerd is using?

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Hi @amitsaha. jvm:mem:current:used is a valid metric to use, also recommend looking at jvm:heap:used.

We have an example linkerd health dashboard that provides a good view into linkerd’s memory usage, it’s part of linkerd-viz, have a look at the specific dashboard at:

Thanks for the link to the dashboard. Deconstructing from the JSON, I think (jvm:heap:used /jvm:heap:max )*100 is a fair metric to monitor as the percentage of memory used by linkerd?

I am a bit confused about the jvm:current:used metric. Is this in addition to the heap memory used? Thanks in advance.

Correct, (jvm:heap:used /jvm:heap:max )*100 is a good measure of percentage memory used.

jvm:current:used = jvm/heap/used + jvm/nonheap/used

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