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Currently, I playing around with linkerd and AKS. I tried to deploy the azure-voting-sample to the service mesh. For this, I used linkerd inject and it works just fine. But I only can see metrics for the frontend service. No metrics are displayed for the backend service, a Redis instance. Even no connection between the frontend-service and the backend-service is shown.

Since redis is using TCP I am wondering if I need to configure something by hand? I found that there is linkerd TCP but it seems only be related to linkerd 1.x (I am using linkerd 2.0)

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You are correct TCP data should reflect Redis requests. While the Linkerd proxy does route TCP data, unfortunately the Linkerd Dashboard currently does not display TCP metrics. A few options…


The Deployments page in Grafana has some basic TCP metrics, in the Inbound/Outbound TCP Metrics sections:


All the raw TCP metrics data is in Linker’s deployment of Prometheus. You can port-forward into Prometheus with:

kubectl -n linkerd port-forward $(kubectl -n linkerd get po --selector=linkerd.io/control-plane-component=prometheus -o jsonpath='{.items[*].metadata.name}') 9090:9090

Then browse to http://localhost:9090 and query for things like tcp_read_bytes_total{job="linkerd-proxy"}:


If you have particular use cases, feel free to comment on these issues (they are currently closed as stale but may be revived if it’s important to users):

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