Linkerd2 and custom plugins


Hi, a question about the difference between Linkerd and Linkerd2 regarding custom plugins.

I had the need for cusom circuit breaking logic and used Linkerd running standalone with a plugin I wrote in Scala to do the job, no Kubernetes involved.

I have not found any documentation about Linkerd2 and custom plugins, ergo this post.

I also see that Linkerd2 is written in Rust and Go to avoid the JVM footprint.
My plugin is written in Scala so I’d expect that it must be ported to another language should there be plugin support in Linkerd2.


Hi @niklasuhrberg! Great question. In the 2.x line today we don’t have plugin support, but this is on the roadmap. So for the near term, if this behavior is important, you’re probably best on the 1.x branch.


Ok, thanks for the reply. Then I’ll stick with the version 1 for now.