Linkerd with SpringBoot

I have 3 Spring boot services ms1, ms2 and ms3.
ms1 and ms3 returns some integer while ms2 internally calls ms1 and ms3 (using consul to discover the services i.e. ms1 and ms3) and returns the sum of numbers.

I want to return the sum of numbers returned by ms1 and ms3 but without using consul dependency in Spring boot (for the discovery of ms1 and ms3).
Is it possible to do this through linkerd.


Yes, that should be possible. They way to go about it would be to have ms2 route to a Linkerd instance, which will then call consul directly for service lookup and then use the returned information to call ms1 and ms3.

That way your services won’t need the consul-spring-boot dependency within their application code.

Hi Franzi,

Yes it worked for me!
really appreciate your help.

Wonderful! Thanks for letting us know!

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