Linkerd Setup Issue

I am new to Linkerd, I was trying to configure linkerd for my micro service , I have configured http_proxy in kubernet deployment But i am not seeing any traffic in linkerd dashboard , So please help if i am missing anything in configuration.

Hi @balajimohan,

Here is a link to our blog post on getting set up with Linkerd and Kubernetes:

If you run into any specific issues, please let us know.

@franzi, I have followed your document , and i have received below error while hit hello service

http_proxy=:31562 curl -s http://:30408
No hosts are available for /svc/:30408, Dtab.base=[/srv=>/#/io.l5d.k8s/default/http;/host=>/srv;/svc=>/host;/host/world=>/srv/world-v1], Dtab.local=[]. Remote Info: Not Available
I have used nodeport for hello service
am i missing anything?

Hi @balajimohan,

per slack our slack discussion last week, this worked for you (pasted from slack):

if you’re wanting to use nodePort, you should run the line we give you in the blog post:
http_proxy=$HOST_IP:$(kubectl get svc l5d -o 'jsonpath={.spec.ports[0].nodePort}') curl -s http://hello
The way Linkerd works is, you call a service, not a host with a specific port - that’s all set in the config file.