Linkerd retry setup

Hello, I have just setup our linkerd (version 1.6.1) router to retry 5XX requests:

          kind: io.l5d.http.retryableAll5XX
            minRetriesPerSec: 10
            percentCanRetry: 0.1
            kind: jittered
            minMs: 100
            maxMs: 5000

When I send a request on which our app returns error code 500, linkerd retries it periodically until the request is killed by our nginx after 90s. Number of retries seems not to be limited.

Please, is there a possilibity to set it up, to retry the 5XX requests only required number of times?

Thank you.

Hi @zsojma, If you’d like to keep a bound on the number of times a request is retried in Linkerd, you can use the totalTimeoutMs in the service configuration section of your config. This is similar to what nginx does with the request.

Hi @dennis.ab, thank you for the response. Unfortunatelly, this is not what we need. We don’t want to retry for that long and we cannot set there less then those 90s because of some long-term requests to DB… Thanks anyway.