Linkerd Proxy - long time to get certified by identity service


We’ve had linkerd 2.8 running on our cluster for a while now w/out any issues. We recently upgraded to linkerd 2.9.2.

After upgrading, we see that the proxies take a long time to get certified by the identity service in the control plane. We see it takes around 5 - 6 minutes for certification to complete. We didn’t see such lag w/ linkerd 2.8. Proxies were able to get certified within seconds of starting up.

Has anything changed w/ how the identity service certifies proxies since linkerd 2.8? Is something in our configuration wrong?

We even tried completely uninstalling linkerd and started from a fresh install but observe the same issue.

Any help would be appreciated!

Some more info:

  • We are running on GKE
  • Kubernetes version 1.16.15
  • DNS is kubeDNS


@a-linkerd-newbie I see that you opened an issue in github and joined Linkerd Slack. We can continue to discuss this on those platforms.

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