Linkerd not displaying count of requests, success and failure rates

I am new to linkerd and trying to proxy all the requests to my microservices via linkerd and with file based service discovery. I was able to do it successfully and the requests successfully got registered with the admin dashboard running on port 9990.

But my problem is the dashboard always shows N/A for the success rate and failure rate. It becomes 100% for just a sec the request is received and again goes back to N/A. But I want to keep track of all my request via linkerd i.e I want linkerd to remember the number of requests and the successrate and failure rate.

Here is the screenshot of my problem

Hi @prasaanth! The dashboard gives a current snapshot of what’s going on - it polls /admin/metrics.json every second and displays the metrics at that time (so at that instant, how many requests, retries, pending requests there are, so if there’s nothing going through at that moment, those stats will be 0). For a longer term view of metrics, you’ll need something else (see for more info on collecting metrics).
If you’re on Kubernetes or DC/OS, you can also check out linkerd-viz. Hope that helps!

Yeah. Cool. linkerd-viz was what I was looking for. Thank you :slight_smile:

@ prasaanth marzipan I encountered same issue now for linkerd 2.0. You guys know how to solve this? Thank you

@steventranjs I added a comment to the thread that you opened: Unable To View Success Rate & RPS - #2 by cpretzer

You can also join the community on to chat with folks who might be seeing similar behavior. We can also help you in real time there.