Linkerd issues with Kubernetes Service calls


I have 3 Microservices, written in Java (Spring boot), deployed in Kubernetes. I am using Spring’s RestTemplate library to call microservices directly. For example in Master Service, I use http://servicea:8080/rest/get/info and http://serviceb:8080/rest/get/newinfo, where servicea and serviceb are Kubernetes Services.

I am trying to use linkerd as a service mesh to route requests between microservices. I was able to proxy the java HTTP calls to linkerd, but all the calls fail with 502 Bad Gateway exceptions. I used the


file to create my linkerd daemon set.

Can you please let me know what am I missing?


Thanks for reaching out! 502 Bad Gateway could mean that the proxy had an error or Linkerd was unable to route the request. To start, I’d try to investigate and look at the response body that Linkerd sends back - it might tell what the error is. If this doesn’t tell us more about the error, the Linkerd logs provide more information, so try checking those as well.

Let us know how it goes!