Linkerd ECS Hello World Example

There are several files referenced in the A Service Mesh For ECS writeup that I was unable to locate in the linkerd-examples repository and was wondering where I could find them. The following are what I was unable to find:

In “Setup Consul”:

  • consul-server-user-data.txt

In “Create a Role Policy”:

  • ecs-role-policy.json

In “Register Task Definitions”:

  • linkerd-task-definition.json
  • consul-agent-task-definition.json
  • consul-registrator-task-definition.json

In “Create Launch Configuration”:

  • ecs-user-data.txt

Thanks in advance for any help.

@kickingbull, thanks for pointing these out.

It looks like the files were removed in this pull request and the blog wasn’t updated.

Based on the pull request, I think you can follow the README to deploy to ECS.

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