Linkerd Cannot Resolve Service and No Incoming Traffic

I am using the servicemesh example found here: I should be able to create this dtab:
/svc/ => /svc/ where is a kubernetes service in the dev namespace. I can not get this to work with the servicemesh.yml example. In the linkderd logs, it can not find the service.

The only way that I can get this to work is by doing this:
/svc/ =>/#/io.l5d.k8s/dev/http/kt-student-service ;

Beyond that, when I look at the recent requests admin linkerd page, I am only seeing outgoing traffic, nothing for incoming traffic. From the docs, it appears the only thing required is to do this:

  • name: http_proxy
    value: $(NODE_NAME):4140

Is the something else required to capture incoming traffic?

Can anyone give me any insight on what I am doing wrong.

BTW, this is running on Kubernetes 1.9.3 with RBAC and yes I setup RBAC for Linkerd.

Hey @evhfla, are you still running into issues with seeing incoming traffic with your configuration?