Linkerd and Rabbitmq

Hey peeps,

Is it possible to run Linkerd upon Rabbitmq?


Hey! Thanks for reaching out. I responded to your question in slack, but for completeness I’ll reiterate here:

It seems like most installations of rabbitmq are using protocols that Linkerd does not support, however they do seem to have some form of http support they call out ( So depending on what protocol your installation of rabbitmq uses, it might not work with Linkerd. However as noted below, you can give Linkerd-tcp a try!

Hope this helps & let us know if you have any other question!

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Hey Franzi,

Thanks for you quick reply!

Right that was what I thought initially, I am not really sure if I am able to use now given it’s status is beta and RabbitMQ us absolutely critical service here in the company, nevertheless I will keep my eyes open to it,

Thank you

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