Linkerd 1.x routing configuration

Hi, I have a system with two .Net Core Web API services in Docker.
One is exposed via http:/ address another via http:/
Services are able to talk to each other and exchange information.
Now I would like to proxy their calls via Linkerd to get Retry feature.

I run another Docker image ‘buoyantio/linkerd’ and used such yaml configuration file.

  port: 9990
- protocol: http
  dtab: /svc/equipment => /$/inet/; /svc/timetracking => /$/inet/;
  - port: 8080

Now I’m able to reach these services via http:/equipment and http:/timetracking.
But it looks like I can not that easily translate into http:/equipment/api/equipment.
Seems like this request http:/equipment/api/equipment is translated into http:/

How can I change the configuration to get the desired behaviour?
What is wrong with the current configuration?

Thank you very much for any help.