Linkerd 1.1.0 Released!


We’re very excited to announce that linkerd 1.1.0 has been released. This release includes mutual auth TLS, expiry of idle clients, tons of bug fixes, and loads more. You can download it from the releases page or get the docker image from docker hub. Full release notes are below:

  • TLS
    • Add support for client auth TLS.
    • Add TLS support for io.l5d.httpController and io.l5d.mesh namerd
  • HTTP/2
    • Reset h2 remote streams that continue to send frames after the local stream
      has been interrupted. This fixes a bug that occationally caused the
      io.l5d.mesh interpreter to hang.
    • Add support for HTTP/2 tracing.
  • Kubernetes
    • Fix exception when a loadBalancer object has a hostname instead of an ip.
    • Fix connection leak when the daemonset transformer cannot connect to the k8s
  • Metrics
    • Improve scoping of metrics for namers and transformers.
    • Fix rendering of top-level influx metrics.
  • Consul
    • Cache dtab observations in the io.l5d.consul store.
    • Fix bug causing consul queries to hang.
  • Expire idle services and clients.
  • Breaking Change: Convert thriftProtocol from a client/server param to a
    router param.