Linkerd 1.0.1 Released!


We’re very excited to announce that linkerd 1.0.1 has been released. This release upgrades linkerd to scala 2.12 and the latest version of finagle. It includes many important bug fixes as well as a handful of cool new features. You can download it from the releases page or get the docker image from docker hub. Full release notes are below:

  • Upgrade to scala 2.12.
  • Upgrade to finagle 6.44.
  • HTTP/1.1:
    • Fix connection leak when retrying on responses with chunked bodies.
    • Remove linkerd headers and body when clearContext is set.
    • Add io.l5d.http.allSuccessful and io.l5d.h2.allSuccessful response classifiers.
  • HTTP/2:
    • Fix race condition causing every request on a connection to deadline.
    • Fix memory leak related to tracking closed streams.
  • Kubernetes:
    • Port numbers in k8s names will now have the service’s port mapping applied.
    • Add io.l5d.k8s.ns namer for routing within a fixed namespace.
  • Consul:
    • Fix issue where the Consul namer would fail to reconnect after ConnectionFailedException.
  • Promethus:
    • Properly escape metrics labels in the Prometheus telemeter.
  • Namerd:
    • Add support for telemeters.
  • Fail on duplicate config file properties instead of silently taking the last
  • Add path stack registry for better visibility into how services are configured.


We have discovered an issue with the 1.0.1 release where TLS does not work with the H2 protocol. We have released linkerd 1.0.2 to address this issue. We recommend skipping right to version 1.0.2, especially if you use TLS with H2.