L5d-err Unknown destination: Request("GET /", from / / MoveOn to next identifier

I have implemented a identifier plugin (io.bouyant.ixHostIdentifier) to update path header of the form .. => . in order to resolve to our marathon cluster.

I followed the documentation on plugin and able to compose the jar and to deploy the plugin to my linkerd. When I started testing I am getting

l5d-err: Unknown destination: Request(“GET /”, from / / MoveOn to next identifier
Exception propagated to the default monitor (upstream address: /, downstream address: n/a, label:

Thanks in advance.

This error indicates that the identifier isn’t producing a successful identification.

Where does the text “MoveOn to next identifier” come from? Is this an error your plugin is emitting? I don’t believe this text is anywhere in linkerd:

:; git grep -e "next identifier" -e "MoveOn" |wc -l 

Is your plugin throwing an exception with this message?

Yes the exception was thrown from my plugin.

It works for me when I defined another identifier along.

So only a custom-identifier alone throws such a exception.