Kubernetes Service Discovery in LinkerD

I have created a Kubernetes cluster with 6 nodes. I have two applications in the cluster which have to communicate with each other. In the cluster i have configured LinkerD as DaemonSets. I need to use Kubernetes service discovery or Consul. Was curious to know if I need to configure Consul separately on K8S and do its integration with LinkerD or LinkerD handles the service discovery by itself? Is there a step by step documentation for this.

There’s no need to use Consul if you are running on Kubernetes. I would start here: https://linkerd.io/getting-started/k8s/

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Thank you… I successfully set up LinkerD in my cluster and configured my micro-services for it. How do i register my micro-services for discovery?

As per the answer on Slack: Kubernetes takes care of all of this. You don’t need to explicitly register. If you have a service running in K8s, it’s automatically added to service discovery and Linkerd should pick it up automatically.

I would like to add that this holds only true for single cluster landscapes.