Kubernetes Service Discovery in LinkerD

I have created a Kubernetes cluster with 6 nodes. I have two applications in the cluster which have to communicate with each other. In the cluster i have configured LinkerD as DaemonSets. I need to use Kubernetes service discovery or Consul. Was curious to know if I need to configure Consul separately on K8S and do its integration with LinkerD or LinkerD handles the service discovery by itself? Is there a step by step documentation for this.

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There’s no need to use Consul if you are running on Kubernetes. I would start here: https://linkerd.io/getting-started/k8s/

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Thank you… I successfully set up LinkerD in my cluster and configured my micro-services for it. How do i register my micro-services for discovery?

As per the answer on Slack: Kubernetes takes care of all of this. You don’t need to explicitly register. If you have a service running in K8s, it’s automatically added to service discovery and Linkerd should pick it up automatically.

I would like to add that this holds only true for single cluster landscapes.

Hey any solution for service discovery for multicluster env, Multicluster is available but the mirrored service in multicluster have cluster name in it, which causes an issue as the services keep moving from one cluter to another. Any solution we have to tackle this problem. Thanks

@william Any update on the above question?