K8s: Fallback issue if there are no running pods in service

I have two services in Kubernetes: service-a and service-b.
Dtab is configured next way:

/service => /service-a | /service-b

The issue is that if Kubernetes restarts pods in service-a and all pods become unavailable traffic doesn’t go to service-b anyway.

Hi @ievgen-kolomiiets! Looks like this is a corner case we don’t currently handle. When service-a has no pods, we return an empty address set for it. We should probably return Neg instead so that we can fallback to service-b in this case.

Would you mind filing a Github issue? Thanks!

Hi @Alex. Thanks for your response. I created an issue on Github - https://github.com/linkerd/linkerd/issues/1549.

Also want to mention that fallback should probably work in a case when all pods in service mark as dead by Linkerd not only if they are missing. But not sure if it is possible to do it at all.

Thanks for the issue! I’ll make sure it gets onto the roadmap.