Identify if the local namespace of the calling app can be assumed when l5d searches for the target app name, if namespace is not defined

Here’s the scenario,

  • I have an app, app1 in namespace ns1 &
  • app2 in namespace ns1 and ns2
  • linkerd in namespace linkerd

When app1 makes call to app2 without defining namespace (i.e; http_proxy=$L5D:4140 curl http://app2 instead of http_proxy=$L5D:4140 curl http://app2.ns1) then, can l5d identify the namespace of app1 & route to app2 in ns1 (preferring the local namespace)

In this case for testing I am requesting from container inside app1 and doing a proxy curl to app2

http_proxy=$L5D_URL:4140 curl -v http://app2

this searches for app2 in default namespace because of dtab but is there a way to achieve what we are looking for?

Hi @zshaik, this sounds like a reasonable request. Would you mind filing an issue in the Linkerd github? Thanks!

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@Alex thank you!