How to log k8s liveness/readiness checks in linkerd logs?

Does linkerd keeps the logs regarding k8s liveness/readiness checks?
for example, I have,
- curl -H "Host:$POD_IP:9990" $POD_IP:4140/admin/ping
in my liveness checks

           - bash
           - -c
           - curl -H "Host:$POD_IP:9990" $POD_IP:4140/admin/ping
         initialDelaySeconds: 30
         periodSeconds: 5

or If I want to have the liveness check response in l5d’s logs?

copying @olix0r 's response from slack.

I don’t think this exists today, though we usually prefer to expose a counter rather than rely on logs
it would be nice of there was a admin/pings counter that we exposed

Thanks for documenting this @zshaik! Feel free to file an issue for this in
And as always, PRs are welcome :slight_smile:

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