How to configure access log for http2?


Could anyone help me to provide sample configuration to configure access.log for h2 protocol.?


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acces.log is currently not supported for H2. You can find the options currently available here:


Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to send logs, whatever logs are available for H2, to Splunk ? If yes, how do we configure it?

I am sorry for asking a stupid question, I am very new to this thing (Infrastructure, configuring tools etc.) , coming from app development.

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We are not using Kubernetes.

@nikeshgupta Your question isn’t stupid at all, it’s very important! We don’t have an easy (i.e. that doesn’t require you to write custom code) way to do this right now, but I will spend some time today looking at how hard would it be to just port access.log to H2. I will report back soon as I know more!

Thanks @pcalcado

Thats a very positive repsonse. Thank you so much. I am looking forward for the outcome .

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Hi @pcalcado

I apologize to disturb you.

Did you manage to look into the porting access.log to H2?

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Nikesh Gupta

Hey! Sorry abut the delay, I started looking into this then fell with the flu for a few days :sneezing_face: I think there’s a way around it, hopefully, I can get it in a branch tomorrow-ish. Do you think you would be able to test a branch?

Hi @nikeshgupta,

We’ve opened a feature request issue on GitHub and are starting to work on it.

Thanks for your patience,

@franzi and @pcalcado

Thank you so much for your work regarding having access logs for H2.

@pcalcado, I have not done any development in Scala. But I can try my best to test the branch, would be a good learning for me :slight_smile:

Thanks again

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HI @nikeshgupta,

We just merged the PR that enables access logging for h2 requests - it will be in the next release.

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