How can I configure log rotation policy for HTTP2 access logs

I am relying on HTTP2 access logs. Thank you for releasing it in 1.3.6
Now, I need help to configure log file rotation policy in Linkerd config.

My guess - Possible code to enable same:

I am also aware that twitter logging util does support log file rotation policy.
I am not sure how to specify that in Linkkerd config file?

Appreciate your help.


Hi @DipeshMitthalal,

Linkerd’s config files don’t currently allow the log rotation policy to be configured. However, it shouldn’t be too tricky to make the log rotation policy configurable.

If this is a feature you want to seeing, we’d love to accept a pull request adding it! If you’re not interested in writing a PR, please feel free to open a feature request issue on GitHub, and hopefully someone else will be able to implement it soon.

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