gRPC using Linkerd1

Is anyone here using gRPC with Linkerd1 in anger in Production?
We are trailing it, by the last few issues(i.e makes me uncomfortable to take the Linkerd1 route

Any war stories are appreciated.


Hi, thanks for your question.

Our customers are happily using both linkerd 1 and linkerd2 in production.

What is your use case? Can you give me an example of your application and topology.

The issue that you refer to is one that we are actively working on with that particular user. They are in the process of collecting diagnostic information for us. As you can see from the history, we’ve been collaborating to understand and fix the issue which is unique to their particularly configuration.

Looking forward to learning more about your environment. Once we understand your use case, we can find some anecdotal user experiences to share.

In the meantime, I suggest using this form to determine whether your application is ready for a service mesh:


Hi Charles,
Yes we have been using Linkerd in our environment for over 3 years (we have more than 1000 Linkerd instances deployed in production).

Right now we are only doing http/1.1 traffic. I am just collecting enough info before committing
on doing gRPC.

I still want to hear from the community their experience with gRPC though :slight_smile:



Thanks for clarifying your question and, more importantly, for supporting and using linkerd.

To my knowledge, customers adopting gRPC have had a seamless experience with using linkerd. The main reason for this is due to the fact that linkerd treats gRPC as a first class protocol.

It sounds like you’ve gone through the GitHub issues, which is a good start.

Another way to get information about production experience with linkerd and gRPC is to ask the community in our slack channel: The #linkerd channel has more active users than this discourse forum does, so you’re likely to get a good conversation going there.

All that being said, my favorite thing to do when exploring a new technology like gRPC is to just try it.

In your case, I suggest identifying a low priority/impact service in your application and implement gRPC there. Alternatively, if your engineering roadmap includes a new service for which gRPC is a good candidate, then you can consider using that as your entry point to adopting gRPC.

Whichever route you decide to take, I’ll be here to help.


Hi Fanta. BigCommerce is a major Linkerd 1.x + gRPC production user. You may want to reach out to @zackangelo.

Thanks William.
Will do that, and needless to say I love Linkerd.