GCE LoadBalancer IP is pending indefinitely

I’ve followed along several of the blog posts in the “A Service Mesh for Kubernetes” series. Each time, the LoadBalancer is not created and the IP is pending indefinitely.

Maybe I am missing a service account / the correct permissions on the VMs? (Not GKE, Ubuntu 16.04 VMs with k8s 1.6.4)

Is there anything in Flavors of Kubernetes that is helpful?

Am not an expert on this by any means, but if you’re running in GCE, not GKE, then I think you need to configure your cluster with -cloud-provider=gce in order for it to automatically provision external IP addresses.

@verdverm did Kevin’s suggestion help?


I’m running into this same issue in a GCE cluster. I’m running K8s 1.9, I’ve set --cloud-provider=gce on both the kubelets and the kube-apiserver but load balancer provisioning gets stuck in . Any tips you can provide to debug this? Do I need to put --cloud-provider=gce on any other compontents?



Hey @claudenm – it would be worth determining if this is a linkerd-specific issue, or if your cluster is incapable of provisioning external IPs for any service. I recommend walking through this guide to figure it:


@klingerf – Thanks. Between the time I asked the question and your response I got the logs for the l5d pods and saw I was out of Static IPs (over quota in GCE). Embarrassing for me :blush: . Thanks for your help!

@claudenm Glad you got it figured out!