DNS SRV-record service discovery plugin


Hi all,

my organisation uses SRV records for service discovery. I’ve written a custom namer as a linkerd plugin which I may be able to open-source. Would linkerd be interested in this?



Yeah, we’d be interested in this! We are going to look at linkerd’s DNS resolvers soon, and it would be good to consider how this fits in.

At the very least it would make a great external plugin, but we’d certainly consider pulling into the main project.


thanks for the reply, I’ll follow https://github.com/linkerd/linkerd/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md#submitting-a-pull-request and get the ball rolling on my side re CLAs then :slight_smile:


good news! It took a while, but I’ve got the CLA signed :). I’ve opened a tracking issue in the linkerd repo and made a pull request against linkerd/linkerd.