Difference between linkerd & linkerd2

Currently, we are using linkerd and we want to try linkerd2, so what are the advantages of moving to linkerd2? is linkerd2 entirely a different service mesh and choosing b/w linkerd and linkerd2 is a matter of choice? as linkerd2 is a light-weight mesh and uses conduit.

Hey Zillani,

If you do try Linkerd2, I’d love to hear your experience. Right now the big differences are: Linkerd2 is limited to Kubernetes, and it doesn’t have several of Linkerd 1.x’s features, including things like routing and circuit-breaking. (We’ll address all of those things in the future.) The advantage is, as you point out, that it’s significantly smaller and lighter-weight than Linkerd 1.x. So it really depends on what features you need in the immediate future.

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@william thanks for the clarification, & yes we will definitely try Linkerd2.

Are there any plans to implement thrift support for linkerd2?

@aywrite It’s not on our short-term roadmap, but if it’s vital to you, we can talk about what a PR would look like. Will require some thought.

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