Could not find `masterIpv4CidrBlock` line in `gcloud container clusters describe $CLUSTER_NAME` output in GKE

I am installing linkerd in GKE cluster and in the setting stage there is a step for getting masterIpv4CidrBlock using gcloud container clusters describe $CLUSTER_NAME but the output for the that command does not have masterIpv4CidrBlock line instead it has clusterIpv4Cidr and serviceIpv4Cidr, how to proceed in this situation, Should I use clusterIpv4Cidr or serviceIpv4Cidr in palce of masterIpv4CidrBlock. I am using the doc

Hi, @chiju

The documentation that you mention applies to private clusters in GKE. Are you certain that you’re using a private cluster?

If not, then you won’t need to make any changes.

The point of the firewall rule that is created is to make sure that the linkerd control plane components can be accessed from other nodes on the network.

Can you share the command that you used to create the cluster?


Hi @cpretzer
You are correct, that may be a public cluster, I am not the one who created the cluster and now I installed linkerd in a new cluster without the steps for private cloud, works perfectly now.
Thanks for pointing out the private cloud point.


Hi @chiju!

I saw your messages on linkerd slack as well, and I’m glad you found the answer there.

Welcome to the linkerd community and please don’t hesitate to ask more questions. There a good chance that someone else knows the answer.