API Authentication and Authorization

Can we do API authentication and Authorization using LinkerD?
If yes, any example or documentation will be really helpful.

Hi @mohithB99 support for service to service authorization policies is currently in edge releases of Linkerd and is the main feature for the 2.11 release.

What kind of authentication and authorization are you looking to implement?

I would like to secure the ReST apis that I expose using a piece of code which talks to the IAM solution that I use. Can this piece of code that I write, to authenticate and authorise every incoming request, be plugged into the linkerd service mesh in some way? For sake of analogy in a web server we can configure custom interceptors which can intercept the request where authentication and authorization can be exectued. Based on the outcome either the request is passed to the actual endpoint or is rejected. How do I achieve this flow in linkerd?

Linkerd 2.x doesn’t have a plugin system, although there has been some discussion about what that implementation would look like.

You can visit the community at https://slack.linkerd.io to ask other folks how they have approached this requirement.

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