Any reason why `routers` config is required?

Hi all,

Is there any reason why the routers configuration is mandatory? Let’s say I just want to check if linkerd
is up and running on a system - not necessarily serving requests (as part of testing my configuration management, for example), defining “fake” routers works but seems unnecessary.

What are your thoughts?

Hi @amitsaha,
Thanks for reaching out! It seems like you’ve got a working solution to check if the install/config was successful.
The routers config is mandatory, because it’s Linkerd’s primary responsibility to route requests. So we make them mandatory, as they have to be set in order for Linkerd to do its job.

Thanks. I see what you mean. However, I would argue that considering I can just give it a “fake” router configuration which will make it listen on a port, but not actually have a backend to proxy it to, is that really functional then?

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